Horror Junkies Podcast: Transfiguration

On this week’s episode, Mike and Patrick are the only two in the studio. We had no idea where or what happened to Angel and Austin, so if you see them take a picture and use the hashtag WheresAustinandAngel, so we can make fun of them, but nonetheless the show must go on.

In the news portion of the show, nothing was really happening, which is a shocker because usually there is so much news, we have to shift through all of it to determine what we want to talk about. However, we did find some interesting topics to mention. First up is the latest trailer release of It Comes At Night, featuring a locked Red Door, and some pretty intense scenes. It Comes At Night is set to hit theaters June 9th. On the more independent side of  Horror, this past weekend was the Overlook Film Festival and one movie there won the award for being the Scariest Film. Of course we are talking about Still/Born, created by the man behind Grave Encounters Brandon Christensen. We literally no nothing about this movie, but if you win this award, you have our attention. We will post more about this movie later on, but head over http://www.digitalinterference.net to keep updated.

This week on Horror History, was again nothing to major. We have the 1960 release of The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll directed by Terence Fisher, and the 1966 release of The Vulture directed by Lawrence Huntington.

Earlier in the week we watched two amazing independent movies; one called Another Evil directed by Carson D. Mell and The Transfiguration directed by Michael O’Shea. Another Evil is a comedy/Horror that to Patrick and I seems like the Clerks of Horror movies. This movie focuses on the dialogue more than anything. Which is awesome, because when it comes to ghost movies, they tend to focus on the Fear Factor, rather than the actual script. Another Evil will be available on VOD May 5, 2017 and currently has an 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, so be sure to give it a watch and prepare yourself for a different kind of horror movie.

The next movie we watched was Michael O’Shea’s debut film The Transfiguration. Taking place in the projects of New York City, and follows a troubled individual named Milo, who has a pretty bad obsession with Vampire lore. Straight from the beginning this movie captures your attention. Milo played by Eric Ruffin, is a very closed and awkward kid. Literally even he way he walks and runs is weird, but these elements add so much to the film. The Transfiguration is unlike any movie we’ve seen before. It’s coming out on VOD on August 8th,  and currently has an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, which we feel is a little to low for this movie. Head over to http://thetransfigurationfilm.com to learn more about this amazing movie.

Stay Weird!

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