The Horrorcast EP 28: Spotlight on Frankenstein’s Monster

Join Walshy, Marknado, RevenantVin and HorrorGal Susan as we continue Monsterpalooza by looking at the first 3 Universal Frankenstein films. This episode is a “Monster”, so use the time stamps below to Navigate if you wish.

6:53 Revenant Vin’s History of Frankenstein
31:20 Review of 1931’s Frankenstein
1:43:32 Boris Karloff Interview
1:47:54 Neil Gaiman on Bride
1:52:28 Review of 1935’s Bride of Frankenstein
2:51:26 Del Toro on Bride
2:56:16 Review of 1939’s Son of Frankenstein
4:08:18 Misfits Outro, “Ghost of Frankenstein
4:11:11 Boris Karloff, Gentle Monster
4:37:07 Jack Pierce, FX Master