Ashley Tisdale stops by to discuss her new film Scary Movie 5. In theaters April 12, 2013. Check out the Creepcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.



Downright Creepy: On today’s show we have Ashley Tisdale, one of the stars of Scary Movie 5 which will be in theaters everywhere on April 12th.


Ashley Tisdale: Hello.


DRC: I want to ahead and jump into your new movie, Scary Movie 5. A movie franchise that is known for spoofing the horror genre. Your character, Jody Campbell, they focus a lot on Paranormal Activity so I’m curious are you a fan of the Paranormal Activity franchise?


AT: I am, I mean I’ve always been super scared of the franchise. So when I signed on for this and seeing how we were spoofing all three of them I was a definitely a little nervous to watch them all again.


DRC:  So what draws you to them? The fact it could actually happen versus a creature feature or a monster?


AT: You know the scariest part about those movies is that you don’t really know what is haunting them. So you only have your imagination and it is running with it. I always find that to be scarier than seeing the actual monster at the end.


DRC: Have you ever had any experiences similar to those in the movie, or paranormal of your own?


AT: I’ve had some weird things happen but I’d like think that they are not paranormal.