DRC: Hey, thanks for taking the time. I know you guys shot on a ridiculously grueling schedule and you did practical effects, so I’m just curious what was the most difficult scene you had to shoot and why, if you could explain without any spoilers.

FA: I guess a lot of things were so tough in this movie. Probably I would say everything in the cellar with Natalie and Mia on top of her, the kind of the tongue, the blocked kiss, all the things, they were so tough for the actors and also you know like as the director you try to convince everybody that the way you want to do this is the right way, all right?

And that was one of those days where my idea going 100% tactical was kind of falling apart a little bit because what we were shooting was looking so bad. I remember that the first time we did a first shot with the tongue coming out and we’re puppeteering the fake tongue and everything, it looked embarrassing on the set.

And then you have to be courageous and keep going and keep going because everybody is going like I told you, we should have gone with the CG tongue and you have to believe in your vision and thank God we managed to pull it off and then on the edit team, we end up cutting away and it ended up looking great; but it was something. It was one of those that really took a lot of, a lot of job to make all those moments look real.

DRC: Early reviews have praised this as being one of the goriest films in a while and maybe even of all time.  Can you talk a little bit about if you guys had trouble with like the NPA about ratings, if you had to cut some things out or like if you fought to keep the movie as much your vision as possible?

FA: Yes, it was hard, but they were very helpful like ironically and they were very helpful. Sometimes NPA can drive you crazy by not telling you why the movie is getting a bad rating or the rating you don’t want, and sometimes they’re very precise. In this case they were very precise with us. They said like there was this, and this and that. They gave us like five notes on the first cut, and thank God we didn’t have to get rid of those. We just had to get rid of five frames, ten frames in some moments.

Evil Dead is in theaters everywhere April 5, 2013.