Rob Zombie stops by the discuss his new film The Lords of Salem. Check out the Creepcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.



Downright Creepy: Are you enjoying SXSW?


Rob Zombie: Yeah it’s not bad, pretty fun.


DRC: Yeah! I want to jump into your new film, The Lords of Salem. Comes out April 19th from Anchor Bay. I thought it had some great production design. I feel like your films normally do though. The mask, practical effects and the atmosphere that you are use to seeing in your films – how much is that is influenced by you and the script and how much is it Wayne Toth’s decision to run wild?


RZ: Well nobody runs wild with anything! *laughs* Everything starts with me and then I go to Wayne or the production designer or the cinematographer tell them this is what I’m looking to do. This is what I need. So we’ll sit down, me and Wayne, and we’ll sketch out everything from the iron mask to the spikey chair to the little crazy midget guy. He’ll start sculpting it and I’ll come in and we’ll work hand in hand all the way through until we get what I’m looking for. That is the trick is to get what’s in my head and to get him to understand what I want to he can make it come to life.

DRC: Well I thought it looked great – so great job once again!