The Modern Horrors Podcast Episode 81: WHAT ARE THE ODDS

While everyone in America has their minds set on gorging themselves on Thanksgiving turkey and deviled eggs, the Modern Horrors Podcast is back to work as usual. You know, before we gorge ourselves on Thanksgiving turkey and deviled eggs. So what’s on the docket for today? Chaos…

Rob Zombie’s 31 has been picked up as yet another Shudder exclusive, TRAIN TO BUSAN finally gets a physical and digital home video release date, Artsploitation Films is getting dark as fuck (again) with THE DEVIL LIVES HERE, DOMAIN looks to deliver a healthy dose or horror/sci-fi, and last but certainly not least, we weigh in on the “homage” to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes known as ESCAPE FROM CANNIBAL FARM.

All of that plus the long-awaited review of DON’T BREATHE, #ASKMODERNHORRORS, the return of the WHO AM I game and so much more on episode 81 of the MODERN HORRORS PODCAST.
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