On our 2011 holiday “chopping list”, I recommended Cereal Killers trading cards as the perfect gift for horror fans. Written and painted by Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages artist Joe Simko, each card mixes iconic cereal box art with popular horror films.

For example, take Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and mix with
Children of the Corn and you get Childrenof the Corn Flakes:


Cereal Killers are sold in various configurations, but I recommend you buy the 3-Pack Mini-Cereal Box Set. Each mini-cereal box comes with 20 cards. While the publishers claim you aren’t guaranteed a full 55-card base set, I did get a complete set in my order. Each cereal box also includes one premium gift insert per box, such as blacklight stickers, temporary tattoos, ‘fridge magnets, gold foil stickers and hand-drawn sketch cards.

Some of my favorite cards include: Chucky Harms, Halloweeties, Fiber the 13th, Exorcrisp, Night of the Krispies Dead, Hellraisin’ Bran, Silence of the Grahams, Phantom of the Oatmeal, Village of the Grahamed, and A Bitemore on Elm Street.

But this is all old news. Just released in time for Halloween 2012 is a second series of Cereal Killer trading cards! Configurations for purchasing are the same, but there are three new premium gifts: Silver Spoon foil cards, Sugar Glitter cards and glow-in-the-dark fluorescent stickers.

Since most of horror’s heavy-hitters were utilized in the first series, the 55-card set of the second doesn’t quite have the same magic as the first. Besides, how many different cereals are there to spoof? Nevertheless, some of my favorite cards include: Paranormal Smackstivity, Cape Fearios, Donnie’s Dark O’s, Scream of Wheat, Pet Semaberry Crunch, Candybran, Queen of the Grahamed, Bloody Bunches of Boats (Jaws) and Fiber Destination.

Series two addresses the issue of running out of material by creating ten original cereal cards featuring classic horror from the days of black and white movies. A few of my favorites are: Nosferachews, Bran 9 from Outer Flakes and The Bran that Wouldn’t Die.

Cereal Killers trading cards are a little hard to find. Supposedly, “selected” Toys R Us stores carry them. Probably the best way to get them is directly from the publisher at www.wax-eye.com. While visiting their website, be sure to visit the forum where you can arrange trades. Believe me, you will want a complete set!

Cereal Killers: Wacky Packages for Horror Fans
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