If you could pick any one of an animal’s characteristics to claim as your own, which would you choose? The strength of a gorilla? The speed of a cheetah? The grace of an eagle?

You’re not Jeff Goldblum.

“The Fly”, produced in 1986 and directed by David Cronenberg, is one of the best sci-fi horror films ever made. It will scare you, gross you out, and twitch at your heart like a fly twitching at a spec of dust.

Jeff Goldblum stars as Seth Brundle, a brilliant scientist who has discovered a way to make teleportation a reality. At a party, he meets Veronica Quaife (or “Ronnie”, as her friends call her), a journalist who is looking for the next big science story. Brundle invites Quaife back to his apartment, shows her the teleportation pods and how they work, and the story, in all its arthropodical glory, unfolds from there.

The makeup in this movie is absolutely stunning, especially for a film made in 1986. No wonder it won an Oscar for Best Makeup. Goldblum’s transformation throughout the movie is eerie and terrifying.

Goldblum’s specialty of rambling psychotic science madness serves him well here. His character is overcome by obsession, greed, and jealousy. In a way, he is rebelling against a world that has never accepted him, a world that he has never fully understood. Later, when he becomes The Fly, these personality traits are enhanced, leaving not only a human-fly hybrid, but a sociopath desperate for answers.

The closing scenes of this film are disgusting, disturbing, and heartbreaking. That’s a lot of emotions and images for the mind to take.

Ever heard the phrase “Be afraid…be very afraid”? We have this movie to thank for that jewel. It popularized it.

I promise, once you watch this movie, you’ll never look at our little annoying friends the same way again.

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