Being shunned from the world is not a new concept. For centuries, people have written about, spoken about, and acted out because of rejection. Some of the greatest books ever penned, and some of the greatest movies ever directed, were based on the idea that there is a norm to this world, and those who are different will be misunderstood and thus pushed to the side.

Meet Anna, one of those misunderstood. Anna is finishing a brief stint at the mental institution, a stint brought on by the death of her mother via accidental fire. She returns home to her older sister, Alex (who is extremely easy on the eyes, by the way); her father, Steven; and her new stepmother, Rachel. Anna’s father is a very successful writer, so financial hardships are not an issue. However, monetary stability does not always guarantee happiness, and Anna slowly finds this out as ghostly visions combined with her turbulent relationship with her stepmother drive her to the brink.


The Uninvited is one of those stories that many people can relate with. Perhaps you have felt isolated from the world. Perhaps you have felt the loss of a loved one and the need of physical and emotional rebound. Perhaps you have felt the unfounded hatred towards a stepparent. These issues are prevalent in the movie and play a decisive role in the conclusion.

Somehow, the characters fail to emotionally attach themselves to the audience. Sure, the situations are there, but when you do not care for the people, why should the situation matter? It doesn’t, and this causes the immense and well-played twist at the end to lose a bit of its luster.

The Uninvited is a mind-numbing experience that has the issues of an effective horror movie but lacks the actors to pull it off. As a horror fan, I appreciate the thought directors Charles and Thomas Guard had in making the film but casting could have been better. The twist at the end is an interesting one, but again would have been more effective with a better cast. Do not excommunicate this movie, but I wouldn’t be inviting it into your home for a permanent stay, either.


REVIEW: The Uninvited
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