“Santa Clarita Diet” is a Clever Horror Comedy that is Binge-Worthy

Netflix new original series “Santa Clarita Diet” doesn’t exactly sound like a horror series and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. It’s just as much a comedy series as it is horror. It blends the two genres together perfectly. Off beat comedy? Check. Blood and gore? Check. A nod at retro films we love? Check. A GREAT cast? Absolutely!

The plot revolves around Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and Joel (Timothy Olyphant), a married couple, that are real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. They live next door to a set of cops in an idealic neighborhood. Life seems to be going great for the couple until Sheila gets sick. Real sick. Like Linda Blair in the Exorcist on steroids. Apparently if you vomit enough you can die? In Sheila’s case she does just that.

But in a weird turn of events she comes back to life. With no pulse she has more of a lust for life than ever before! Better sex life, more energy and drive to do everything in life that is satisfying and fulfilling. But there is just one thing that causes a snag. It turns out Sheila has a hunger that can only be satisfied by human meat.

Her seemingly perfect life gets flipped upside down and before you know it “Santa Clairity Diet” barrows the paranoia from “The Burbs” and the cannibalistic parenting tendencies of Randy Quaid and Mary Beth Hurt in “Parents.” It’s delightfully morbid comedy landing at the top of our Netflix que for your next binge-worthy weekend viewing.

It offers a great supporting cast that includes Skyler Gisondo (Vacation) Liv Hewson (Before I Fall) and Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Always Sunny in Philadelphia.) It also features some great, but brief, cameos from Thomas Lennon and Patton Oswald. While the two feature players (Barrymore and Olyphant) are fantastic in their roles, it’s the supporting cast members that bring the series together with their playful chemistry and charm.

The early rumors are that Netflix has already planned a 10 episode season 2 but has not yet officially greenlit it or starting writing it quite yet. Nothing has been confirmed but I have no doubt the success of opening weekend streams will push their hand to give the fans at least one if not two more season given the cliffhanger it ends on.

Creator Victor Fresco even hinted to Entertainment Weekly that he’s already thinking of directions to take the story:  “With any family, crazy situations can be introduced any day, and the strength of the family will determine how they react to those situations, which is where we’ll find our characters.”

How do you get in on the “Santa Clairity Diet?” I thought you would never ask. It only takes 3 easy steps!
Want to know more about the diet? Check out the trailer below the binge all 10 episodes now streaming on Netflix.

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