What if the town where you lived was cut off from the world? Stephen King TV adaptations usually become 3 part mini-series but Under the Dome will get 13 episodes starting June 24th on CBS. Teasers and preview clips surfaced weeks ago and continue to leak out. Check out the latest preview clip and trailer below along with our book review.

For some of us, to be enclosed in a space with other people, especially our neighbors, is our worst nightmare personified. The idea of sharing the same bubble with our co-workers, friends, or family is the stuff horror movies are made of…or science fiction books.

Under the Dome is the 2009 novel by Stephen King about a small town in Maine called Chester’s Mill and it’s inner-struggles after it is mysteriously fenced by an unworldly force field. James “Big Jim” Rennie; town politician, used car dealership owner, and meth lab proprietor; sees the dome as his opportunity to use fear and paranoia in his ascent to power. Only a few in the town are willing to oppose him, including Dale “Barbara” Barbie, a former army lieutenant and main protagonist of the novel.

King fills Under the Dome with storylines involving every citizen of the town. Usually, that would result in a muddled work that requires too much effort to follow. However, with King being one of the most talented writers to ever grace literature, the multiple narratives serve as refreshing – the story never gets tiresome because of the effective plot bouncing. The reader is able to connect with each character and no one personality hogs the pages. Each individual is developed crisply, thus the reader forms opinions about each one.

The only disappointing part of this novel is the reasoning for the dome. It is nothing original and could have been presented with more excitement. Unfortunately, the foundations of the dome have no effect on the characters or their plight – it is simply there for the sake of back story and nothing more.

Under the Dome is an interesting concept and allows King to comment on social behaviors. The theme is that although some will take advantage of critical times for their own personal gains, others will stand together as one and work for a solution. The only real question is this: Which are you?

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