Review: The Demon Inside, Campy Paranormal Fun

The Demon Inside is campy horror drama that is sure to please Horror fans. The movie follows ex-convict, Sam Parsons, whose trying to rebuild his life with his wife Courtney and their six-year-old daughter, Harper. When supernatural occurrences start to happen in their quiet, suburban home, Sam hires Corbin Carlyle and his reality TV show ghost hunting team, The Ghost Killers, to help battle the dark entity. Focused on fame and ratings, Corbin and his team fail to tackle the problem and things escalate. To save himself and his family from the blood-hungry, underworld creature, Sam must call upon his own inner demons from his violent past.

The Demon Inside is written and directed by Joey Moran. The Demon Inside stars Joseph Rene, Timothy Talbott, and Madeline Thelton. Released on May 16 from independent distributor, Dauntless Studios and is currently available to rent or buy on Itunes, Xbox live, Google Play, Vudu, and PlayStation Network.

After reading the synopsis for The Demon Inside, we were sensing that we were in for another typical paranormal horror movie, but were we wrong. The Demon Inside gives it’s viewers a fast paced beginning really setting the tone for the film. The Ghost Killers are fantastic and really pull from the typical TV shows like Ghost Adventures that fiend of ratings. Corbin Carlyle is a such a tool, but god do we love him. The overall acting in this movie is quite good, which really impressed us, because typically you don’t get that in independent films. The soundtrack and effects in The Demon Inside add to this movie’s overall atmosphere. A great independent horror movie, with its own take on the paranormal movie world. This is definitely a movie you watch in the dark.



The Demon Inside
85%Overall Score
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