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Shock the Vote ATX and Gorgar Are Here to Share the Horrors of Not Voting This November

Shock the Vote
Credit: Chris McInroy / Shock the Vote ATX

Chris McInroy is one of our favorite filmmakers here at Downright Creepy. He always delivers a high quality approach to filmmaking delivers some laughs along the way with interesting characters and buckets of blood to add to the over the top humor.

It’s National Voter Registration Day today! McInroy has teamed up with Shock the Vote ATX to remind you to vote this November or suffer the consequences, yet again. Yes, we all want you to vote, just not for Gorgar. The PSA short only has a running time of 1 minute and 21 seconds but is full of character and carefully crafted set design and a killer candidate that will make you pay if you don’t let your voice be heard and for against evil this November. Click on the main image to watch the short.

-Last day to register is October 5
-Early voting starts October 13

-Election Day is November 3

Check out the short below and stay tuned for an announcement next week about how Panic Fest (our film fest) will be teaming up with Shock the Vote ATX this October to bring you plenty of Tricks and Treats!” 


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