Alien: The Rise of Synthetic Creations

The theme of creation is prevalent throughout the two more recent movies added to the Alien universe. We see in both Prometheus and Alien: Covenant that David struggles with his creation. In covenant, we are allowed a deeper glimpse into his thoughts on the matter. In the film, the audience gets to see his first day “alive”. Within minutes of becoming alive, he is already questioning his creation and hinting at the imperfections in his creator after the events on LV-223.

Roughly 10 years later, we are introduced to Walter, the synthetic aboard the ship covenant. With a very similar opening scene as Prometheus, we see Walter tending to life on the ship as the crew is in cryogenic sleep. The first thing to notice is the dark undyed hair and sterner voice that Walter possesses, a voice that is similar in tone to Bishops (Aliens).  Later, we learn from Walter that he believes David to be flawed with choice and reason. Attributes deemed dangerous and thus were removed with the Walter models. On the flip side of things, David believes that those same attributes are reasons for Walter’s flaws. This could be because of Walter’s lack of ability to reason and question ideas; things that our what truly make David a special creation.

Just after the crew was attacked by a newly born Neomorph, David leads the audience and crew for that matter to believe that the ship crashed during entry to the planet, killing Shaw and releasing the “black goo”. This was portrayed as a biochemical weapon that either destroys or mutates all organic life except for flora. Instead, David came to this planet playing the role as a conqueror, releasing the pathogen onto the population below. It seems David is following in the engineer’s footsteps. This can be summed up with a quote from Prometheus sometimes to create, one must first destroy.” He believes humanity and its creators (the engineers) are flawed and must be allowed to fail. The reveal of David’s “experiments” brings a lot of his inner troubling thoughts to light, including his struggle and disdain for his own creation. These thoughts manifest themselves into his experiments. When we look back at an interaction from Prometheus comes to mind involving Holloway and David, where David asks why he was made and Holloway says “we made you because we could.” David responds “can you imagine how disappointing it would be for you to hear the same thing from your creator?”
It seems that David is now a creator, making things because he can and in the process creating what he proclaims is the perfect organism, but where does this leave the audience with the future Alien movies to come? Will David finally perfect his creation with the vast amount of test subjects at his disposal on the Covenant? There are many questions left unanswered in the latest installment of the Alien story-arc, but one thing that we can take is that the David story line is just beginning.

Written by Jake Hardman | Horror Junkies