So it’s the holiday season. A time when we have some much needed down time from work and/or school. A time when we get to spend some quality time with our family and friends. Unfortunately, that quality time can quickly devolve into racist Uncle Rob spouting off over day-old mashed potatoes. Need a break? Behind on horror movies this year? Netflix to the rescue. Below are five quality horror films that are available via Netflix streaming. Throw in some headphones, nod to Uncle Rob, and enjoy.

American Mary
Technically released in 2013, this Soska Sisters gem has been making the festival rounds for quite awhile now. With a dark sense of humor and fantastic storytelling this is one you probably shouldn’t admit that you haven’t seen yet. Watch it in secrecy and join the cool kids.


When it was announced the general response was “what do you mean Elijah Wood is remaking Maniac?”. The result though is a film that might be(gasp) better than the original. With a bold approach and solid performances this is one you should definitely check out.


V/H/S 2
Remember when V/H/S came out and everyone was like “meh”? V/H/S 2 came out under that cloud of apathy and surprised a lot of people. The short “Safe Haven” alone is enough of a spectacle of incredible filmmaking to warrant this anthologies existence. Luckily, though, the surrounding shorts are also pretty impressive in their own rights.


The analogy for the holidays in this one is strong. An invading alien force is only warded off by overconsumption of alcohol. Substitute “Alien Force” with “Uncle Rob” and you have your average holiday. Oh and it’s pretty damn entraining too.



A small indie-horror-esque movie about what a horror audience expects/demands. Imagine a more talky and serious Cabin in the Woods. Definitely for your more serious moments, but a quality movie that gives you plenty to think on.


So there you have it. In the true spirit of the holiday, go observe some horror on earth, good gore to men(and women).