Author: Todd Keisling

Pages: 182

Published: 2011

For six years I worked the brain numbing, repetitive cycle of staring at a computer screen and taking phone calls in the corporate world. My creative side and purpose for life was slowly fading into an existence that felt inescapable. A LIFE TRANSPARENT by Todd Keisling tells a story of what could happen to those who work for “The Man” instead of pursuing their life passion.

The main protagonist of this story is Donovan Candle. He works in the outbound call center for Identinel, a company that sells protection for people’s identity. Donovan’s true passion though is writing. He has been trying to finish his first novel, but the rigorous daily grind at work is slowly draining the life from him. Literally.

Donovan begins to experience intermittent physical transparency and strange visions of monsters in a monochromatic world. As Donovan continues with his “normal” day to day life trying to figure out what exactly is happening, his condition progresses. To make matters worse, he begins to receive strange phone calls from an unidentified man that threatens Donovan’s very existence and those he loves. Why is this happening to him? What is causing him to see bizarre images of an alternate reality? Furthermore, why can’t people see him flickering on and off like a light bulb right before their very eyes? Donovan teams up with his brother Michael who is a private investigator, and together they search for the answers to those questions.

A LIFE TRANSPARENT is a thriller woven with horror and mystery. Keisling takes the time to establish the setting and its characters, an essential key to good story telling. I could relate to Donovan and was glad to see his brother wanted to help. When Donovan becomes transparent, his world fades from color to grey. The people around him disappear and creatures called Yawnings appear. They are tall, lanky, pale skinned beasts, with gaping wide mouths that reveal razor sharp teeth. The Yawnings long arms and hands make it easy for them to capture victims for feeding. Very creepy and deadly. A few times I began to read faster due to the intense scenes. This monochromatic world that Keisling has created is truly unique. It paints a bleak world that could easily be turned into a movie. A LIFE TRANSPARENT is a exciting story that teaches an important lesson: Do what you love without compromise. I am looking forward to reading its sequel, The Liminal Man.

For fans that enjoy reading the works of Stephen King and Clive Barker, please check out A LIFE TRANSPARENT by Todd Keisling. It’s $3.99 on Kindle and $12.56 in Paperback.


A Life Transparent
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