Author: Andrew Bonazelli

Images: Coleman Yunger

Pages: 31 Postcards

Published: 2014


DISPOSED OF is written on 31 full-color postcards that are numbered by the post date and sealed inside an evidence bag. In DISPOSED OF, we follow a scorned woman as she journals her distress during a cross-country road trip. While reflecting on her recent broken relationship, an unsuspecting couple become the new focus for her disdain.

I ordered DISPOSED OF on a whim because I was intrigued by the concept of a story told through the use of postcards. It’s a very unique way to market a story. I’m not going to explain in-depth about the story. It’s really best to approach DISPOSED OF without knowing too much, just like I did. With that said, reading the story can be challenging. Occasionally, Bonazelli’s text is difficult to read due to very small cursive hand writing that’s also faded on certain postcards. The upside of that; it adds an authentic grittiness to the disturbing story. Yunger’s images also efficiently contribute to the style of Bonazelli’s writing. They don’t necessarily portray the text for each postcard, but they do elicit a feeling to help connect with what the main character is experiencing.


DISPOSED OF is so different than anything I’ve read before. Upon first reading, DISPOSED OF was confusing to me. I didn’t really comprehend everything that was written. Upon reading DISPOSED OF for a second time, I was able to understand and appreciate the story.

If you like short stories that challenge you to think, I believe DISPOSED OF is successful at doing so. It’s only $8! Pick up your copy here:

Disposed Of
3.5Overall Score
Creepy Kids
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