Author: Anthony J. Rapino

Pages: 263

Published: 2012

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to try and survive in a world where zombies spread their plague by the use of sound? It’s an interesting twist that characters have to cope with in Anthony J. Rapino’s SOUNDTRACK TO THE END OF THE WORLD.

The story begins with two friends, Marty and Corey. Marty is a security guard at the local comedy club where his friend Corey struggles to perform. After a long night of dealing with hecklers at the club, Marty says goodbye to Corey and heads home. When Corey decides to leave the club, he sees a man with a blank expression staring at the sky. Sensing that something is not quite right, Corey quickly gets in his car and leaves. The next day Marty and Corey are walking down the street and a stranger confronts them with an invitation to a concert at the local music venue. Deciding that it sounds interesting, Marty and Corey decide to attend. When they both arrive at the show, the frequencies playing through the speakers are having a weird effect on the people listening, causing them to act similar to the man Corey saw the previous night. As the music continues to play, people gradually turn into zombies and begin to attack those around. Marty and Corey manage to escape the club and meet up with an Aura Reader named Naomi. From there, the three embark on a journey to find out who or what is causing this.

SOUNDTRACK TO THE END OF THE WORLD brings a fresh concept to the world of zombies. Creating zombies that scream in order to infect others is a fantastic idea. It’s this type of thinking that will keep the zombie sub genre fresh and undead. We’re not dealing with the typical zombie that is wandering aimlessly until they sense the presence of warm flesh and brains either. Without giving too much away, these zombies have a unique purpose that is leading them to a final destination. While I may have desired a little more explanation about what was behind the mind altering frequencies, Rapino succeeds at creating a well written character-driven plot with a thought provoking concept.

It’s clear that Rapino has a love for horror, music, and humor, which are all things I appreciate. If you’re like me, it’s not the easiest of tasks to keep my attention focused and stay interested. Fortunately, I did not have that problem with SOUNDTRACK TO THE END OF THE WORLD.

Please check out SOUNDTRACK TO THE END OF THE WORLD by Anthony J. Rapino. It’s $4.99 on Kindle and $17.46 in Paperback.


Soundtrack to the End of the World
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