Lo-Fi Web Series ‘Graves’ is a Gothic, Manic-Depressive Comedic Fever-Dream

GRAVES is back with a whole new second season – which launched last Sunday in a surprise Part 2, 7-episode Premiere. Part 1 consisted of 6-episodes and garnered a cult-following for the series’ lo-fi aesthetic and campy sense of humor.

There will be a new episode out every Sunday for the next 6 weeks. The series was created and directed by Terence Key, a Brooklyn filmmaker with an affinity for comedy, horror and Buffy The Vampire slayer.

GRAVES is a gothic, manic-depressive fever-dream of a web series, that merges the genres of lo-fi relationship comedy, millennial drama, and 1990s supernatural television. GRAVES tells the story of a group of teenagers who band together to fight the forces of darkness, which bondes them for life. 10-years later, riddled with anxiety, depression and general discomfort towards normal life, these 29-year-olds struggle with their careers, relationships and all those other uncomfortable “adulting” things.

If you like Crazy Head and Buffy, then this should hit the spot.