‘Channel Zero’ Maintains Momentum With “Butcher’s Block” Teaser Trailer

The No-End House might siphon out your memories and Candle Cove might trap your very soul, but the show that brought them both to life, Channel Zero is not going to rest. With the finale of the No-End House just barely aired, the teaser trailer has already dropped for the upcoming third season, Butcher’s Block.

Channel Zero is the brainchild of showrunner Nick Antosca and executive producer Max Landis. The SyFy channel anthology series which centers each season around the Creepypasta horror fiction subgenre will be inspired by author Kerry Hammond’s multi-part story Search and Rescue Woods. Whereas previous story arcs have seen horror invade small towns, Butcher’s Block will take the show to an urban setting where mysterious stairways are appearing, seemingly leading the unwary to their doom. Stars thus far include It Follows star Olivia Luccardi as Alice, a young woman out to solve the enigma of the stairways. She will have to contend along the way with her mentally troubled sister Zoe (Holland Roden, Teen Wolf), a police officer played by Brandon Scott (Wreck-It Ralph), and Louise Lispector (Krisha Fairchild, Krisha), journalist likewise determined to crack the seemingly-supernatural case. But perhaps the biggest casting announcement of all comes in the form of veteran genre actor Rutger Hauer, who will play a role as a vanished industrialist whose own disappearance ties into the mystery.

The twenty-second trailer offers only the briefest of flashes into what is going on, but if it is anything like Channel Zero’s previous offering, then this third season will be a mind-bending journey into the surreal, tragic, and downright uncomfortable. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for a what appears to be a shout-out to Antosca’s previous series Hannibal in the form of a menacing humanoid figure sporting massive antlers. Look for Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block to air on SyFy in 2018.