Kevin Smith hit a nerve with us at Downright Creepy when he decided to base his 2011 horror film on the Westboro Baptist Church and their cult like mentality. Since the religious wing nuts are in our backyard our ears perked up. I personally really enjoy Red State and what he did inside the horror genre.

As we reported from SDCC he is back with a new horror flick titled “TUSK” starring Justin Long (Jeepers Creepers) and Michael Parks (Red State). The trailer just dropped for TUSK less than a week ago and more news is coming in from the Smodcast camp. Apparently Smith is putting together a series of films called “True North Trilogy.”  Aside from TUSK he will also be writing / directing YOGA HOSERS and MOOSE JAWS.

YOGA HOSERS will steer in the direction of James Gunn’s SUPER and will star two teenage girls fighting for justice. Whereas MOOSE JAWS will be an all out blood bath featuring a killer moose on the loose! I can only anticipate the name of that SDCC panel “An Evening with Kevin Smith: The Moose is Loose” to go along with his “An Evening with Kevin Smith: The Musk of Tusk” that took place this year.

Smith must have been biten by the horror bug because he isn’t stopping there. He also has a holiday horror them film in the works titled ANTI-CLAUS that is based on Krampus. No word on when these projects will kick off or a release date.

In the meantime if you didn’t catch the TUSK trailer check it out below. Looks to be promising.

Source: I-Horror