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AMC Eyes Third ‘Walking Dead’ Spin-Off

AMC has announced they are once again going back to the undead well and will begin production for a third spin-off in The Walking Dead universe.

Confirming the third spin-off will begin production in 2020 (via EW), the newest entry into the apocalypse will center itself around two young female protagonists. While we have seen the young adolescent point of view sprinkled throughout TWD universe, the newest show will more so focus specifically on coming of age while the world around our characters lies in shambles.

Photo Credit: AMC Networks / Frank Ockenfels 3


AMC’s Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple and The Walking Dead writer and producer Matt Negrete have co-created the show with the latter serving as the new property’s showrunner. It is unknown if any characters – from either The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead – will overlap into the new show.

Production of AMC’s newest as-yet untitled iteration will begin in 2020.

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