Panic Fest 2021 | Jan 28 - Feb 4 2021 | KCMO

Watch the Panic Fest Short Film Showcase “Best of Fest” Winner ‘The Dollmaker’

The Dollmaker
Credit: RDA Productions

Al Lougher brought ‘The Dollmaker’ to Panic Fest last year and it won our audience award for “Best of Fest” in our Short Film Showcase! Now it is available to watch in its entirety right here on Downright Creepy.

This Tales From The Crypt inspired story follows a young couple who fall into desperation and heartbreak after the loss of their five year old son, Tim. Reaching to their last hope and most twisted option, they contact the Dollmaker, a crusty character who specializes in making dolls of deceased loved ones. But they will soon learn that small miracles come with big consequences!

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