Acknowledge An Inseparable Bond In ‘Beyond the Pines’

Credit: Mortal Dog Studio

Experience a bond like no other with Mortal Dog Studio’s captivating game Beyond the Pines. The indie game studio released an exclusive trailer for their first ever first-person psychological horror game at Feardemic’s Fear Fest 2023. Beyond the Pines is an emotional story about a man and his dog who have shared countless adventures together. Until one day they don’t …

Step into the shoes of Sam Carvel, an isolated writer who finds peace in the ancient forest and the company of his loyal companion, Rocky. However, their unbreakable bond has been disrupted, and they are now separated. Explore the haunting wilderness of Wales and join Sam on a desperate quest to reunite with his dog Rocky. All while uncovering the secrets hidden past the pines.

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The Premise

One cold evening Sam returns to his cabin and is shocked to discover that Rocky is missing. With no clues about where he might be. As night falls, Sam grows increasingly worried, initially associating Rocky’s disappearance with the harsh weather. But as he goes on his search, Sam can’t shake the feeling that something sinister may be lurking “Beyond the Pines,” teasing and challenging him.

Beyond the Pines is a story-focused narrative that encourages players to delve into the environment and the elements that shape Sam’s life. Creating an emotionally charged experience influenced by Welsh folklore and landscapes. The game offers an immersive cabin in the forest to explore, with the chance for unsettling surprises. Moreover, it prioritizes storytelling over combat, allowing players to focus on the emotional journey. As well as an unfolding narrative, although you might constantly feel a sense of dreadful distress.

Although there is no set release date for the game yet, Mortal Dog Studio’s Beyond the Pines is certainly a game to keep your eyes peeled for.