Midnight Snack: ‘You Missed a Spot’ Short Film

Credit: University of Southern California

Downright Creepy presents ‘You Missed a Spot’ – part of the Midnight Snack collection.

Horror / Comedy

A short film by Liam Walsh
Written by Micah Fusco

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SYNOPSIS: In a world where everyone is a clown, a mime must defeat a masked killer to save the girl of his dreams. What should you do if you’re attacked by a posse of clowns? Make sure you go for the juggler.

Starring Michael Lyons,Tiffany Stringer, Hap Lawrence, Noel Olken, Trey Cosner, Lisa-Marie Woods, and Ben Brooks

A student project from the University of Southern California. All rights reserved. This film may not be copied or duplicated without the expressed written consent of the filmmakers.