The CREEPY Podcast Invites You to “Creepaway Camp” 2024

Creepy Podcast
Credit: Unsplash
Rise Up Lights Productions LLC and the widely popular podcast Creepy are excited to announce the release of the third annual “Creepaway Camp” series beginning April 3rd in the Creepy podcast feed.

“Creepaway Camp” is a classic campfire storytelling series where show creator Jon Grilz and the Creepy narration team find themselves at a random summer camp (or the remains of a summer camp) to tell stories around a campfire. As the stories progress, the team quickly realizes the strangeness and scares aren’t confined to their stories.

According to Grilz, “Creepaway Camp is a time to deviate from the regular podcast format and bring all the narrators into the same space to interact and play. I love to insert as much humor and levity into the situation to balance the horror stories that they are going to tell, and to allow the personalities of the whole team to shine so that listeners can get a chance to hear more from the people reading their favorite stories.”

Launched in 2017, Creepy is a horror fiction anthology, narrating both classic horror stories/creepypastas and new stories from aspiring horror writers. As one of the oldest and most popular horror fiction podcasts, Creepy averages approximately 1.5 million downloads per month, with nearly 85 million downloads all-time across the major podcast platforms.

As a fan of creepypastas (online horror stories), Grilz realized there wasn’t a podcast that focused on some of his favorite stories like NoEnd House and Ted the Caver. In a moment of, “if it doesn’t exist, someone should make it,” he took his podcasting experience and started to narrate the stories he loved for others to enjoy.

“Creepaway Camp” releases every Sunday and Wednesday in April beginning April 3rd in the Creepy podcast feed on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get podcasts. 

For more Creepy on the web, go to, the Creepy Facebook page, or the Creepy Instagram where the show is the most active.