Horror Strategy Game ‘Gord’ has Terrifying Monsters, and Horrors Lurking in the Woods

Credit: Covenant.dev

Covenant.dev released Gord, a single-player strategy game where players must survive a dark fantasy world. Protect your tribe by completing quests and making decisions that affect the population of your small village.

As the leader of the Tribe of Dawn, you must take your tribe into forbidden lands and grow your small settlement into an impenetrable fortress. Beware of invading tribes, terrifying monsters, and whatever other horrors the woods may contain. Protect your villagers from illness and hunger and prevent their deaths; otherwise, there could be a lasting impact on your settlement.

Credit: Covenant.dev

Gord provides a variety of challenges in this world of dark fantasy. Players have to worry about themselves and the people who look up to them as a leader. With various unique features, this action game gives you all the power.

Gord is all available to play on Steam. The trailer can be found below.

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