REVIEW: Round Up For A Supernatural Showdown in ‘Blood West’

Credit: Hyperstrange

Exciting news for Blood West fans, as chapter 3 is now available, meaning that the full game is out now! Players can look forward Hyperstrange’s grisly first-person shooter’s introduction to the new chapter that welcomes voice actor, Stephen L. Russell. Known for his roles in games like Thief and Fallout 4 – taking the role of the main protagonist. What’s more, players will encounter new environments, dreadful opponents, and other unique additions to the dark and gritty storyline.

Credit: Hyperstrange

What To Expect

Blood West is not for the faint-hearted. The new chapter introduces players to a revamped skills and perks system. Allowing for a better way to strategize and come up with how you plan to tackle your opponent. Moreover, if you don’t nail a headshot on the first try, then you’re in for a tough fight. Precision is key, and every choice you make matters. Stealth is your ally, and survival depends on your ability to think on your feet. The initial struggle for ammo and money may also test your patience since it’s crucial for players to think about what items are really necessary to keep and what they can get rid of. However, once you clear this hurdle, the game reveals its masterful design.

Credit: Hyperstrange

New Enemies:

Continuing from Chapter 2, players venture through the treacherous mountains and deserted towns to face new enemies, such as the Defiler, Hellbear, Boo Hag, and Broken Scream. The Defiler is a skinny being with a creature living inside its head, creating constant headaches. Disturb his house, and the creature becomes a threat. The Hellbear, a half-human, half-bear monster, presents a dual-headed challenge since each head influences the monster’s behavior differently. Next up, is the Boo Hag, an entity with the ability to regenerate, making it immune to everything other than fire and gold. Finally, the Broken Scream is a stealthy being that can turn completely invisible and sneak up on you when you least expect it.

Credit: Hyperstrange

Patience Pays Off

As your character levels up, the monsters continue to grow. Patience becomes your greatest asset as the start of your journey may feel a bit slow. Although the start might take some time to get used to, the game transforms into an exhilarating experience. Players learn to adapt and improve their approach. Similarly, once a player loses an encounter with an opponent, respawning at a totem after death may mean a trek back to where you were. But each setback is a lesson in survival.

Credit: Hyperstrange

A Unique Experience: Final Thoughts

Stealth, meaningful choices, and survival instincts shape your journey in Blood West. The game’s punishing early stages give way to a stellar and bewitching-designed experience. While each chapter may feel a bit repetitive due to unchanged character engagements, the inclusion of creatures like the Boo Hag adds a new layer of challenge and excitement. Likewise, the enemies varying abilities require players to adapt their strategies and be quick in their decision-making. Fans and new players alike will appreciate Hyperstange’s fresh take on the Wild West, making Blood West a compelling and interesting addition to any Western-styled genre.

Blood West is now available on PC via Steam.


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Fans and new players alike will appreciate Hyperstange's fresh take on the Wild West, making Blood West a compelling and interesting addition to any Western-styled genre.