Try And Find A Way Out Of Ever Changing Rooms In ‘Haunted Bloodlines’ Demo

Credit: Horrified Triangles & Iphigames

If you’re a fan of spine-chilling horror games, the demo of Haunted Bloodlines by Horrified Triangles and Iphigames will not disappoint. This eerie psychological-horror adventure pulls you into a haunted mansion teeming with dark secrets and supernatural occurrences. Right from the start, the game hooks you with its eerie, ever-changing rooms and creepy atmosphere.

First Impressions

Armed with nothing more than a few clues, a flashlight, and a pocket watch, players enter a battered mansion, inherited from their now-deceased father. From the moment one step into the mansion, you can feel its spooky and creepy factor. The environment is crafted in a way where rooms seem to constantly shift and change. This unsettling feature ensures that players stay immersed and are quick to react in case the situation arises. Additionally, the game’s trial-and-error aspect can be quite challenging since it’s easy to find yourself stuck. Especially in sections of the mansion, where you might have to backtrack and re-examine everything multiple times before figuring out the solution.


So far, the storyline is shrouded in mystery, with only a few hints revealing themselves through scattered documents found within the mansion. You play as an heir with a dark family history, drawn to the mansion by inexplicable forces. The demo doesn’t give away much, but sets the stage for a deeper, more complex storyline that will probably unfold in the full game.

Credit: Horrified Triangles & Iphigames

Trial and Error

The game is not without its strengths and weaknesses. The challenge lies in the exploration and puzzle-solving, which can sometimes be very confusing. For instance, I found myself stuck in the bedroom portion for a long time, needing to repeatedly search and double-check everything until I finally figured out what to do. This can be frustrating for some players, but it also keeps you engaged and invested in the game. You can also feel a sense of satisfaction once you figure out what needs to be done.

Final Thoughts

Despite its minor frustrations, the Haunted Bloodlines demo offers an interesting look into what promises to be a compelling horror experience. Its eerie atmosphere, along with the ever-changing rooms and puzzles, keeps you on edge from start to finish. While the storyline remains largely mysterious, the demo provides just enough for players to want to know more. Overall, Haunted Bloodlines is a demo worth experiencing.

Haunted Bloodlines is currently live and can be found on Steam.

Check out their trailer down below:

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