‘Vampire Therapist’ Demo Review: Unorthodox Therapy For The Supernatural

Credit: Little Bat Games

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to spill your immortal guts to a 3,000-year-old therapist, well look no further! Vampire Therapist by Little Bat Games is here to provide you with that hilariously dark and insightful experience. Developed in consultation with licensed therapists, this game blends dark humor, gothic atmosphere, and lifelike takes on real issues—except, of course, they’re vampire issues.

A Breath of Fresh Air in Visual Novels

Vampire Therapist sets itself apart with its engaging, well-developed characters and authentic dialogue. You play as Sam, a cowboy-turned-vampire, navigating therapy sessions led by the ancient undead therapist, Andromachos. Each vampire client you encounter is unique, coming to Sam with a variety of problems. From self-hate to agoraphobia, reflecting real-life issues but through a supernatural lens. This heavier and more series tone of dialogue in the game is due, in large part, to the game’s development process, which involved consultations with licensed therapists to ensure authenticity and sensitivity in the portrayal of these issues​.

Credit: Little Bat Games

Gothic Atmosphere and Dark Humor

The game’s gothic vibe is enhanced by its dark, gothic music and witty humor. Similarly, the soundtrack and sound effects perfectly complement the eerie yet comical tone of the game. The voice acting is top-notch, bringing each character to life and adding another layer of immersion. Similarly, the dialogue is sharp and clever. Helping to diffuse some of the pensive chatter that comes with being a vampire’s therapist.

Final Impression

I thoroughly enjoyed the Vampire Therapist demo. The combination of gothic aesthetics, lifelike character problems, and engaging voice acting creates an immersive and entertaining experience. What’s more, each character is distinct and memorable so far, making their stories all the more compelling. Players are sure to have high hopes for the full game release and eagerly dive deeper into this quirky, supernatural world. Vampire Therapist is shaping up to be a standout title with its unique take on communication in the Visual Novel genre.

The game’s demo is currently live on Steam and releases July 18.

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