10 Demos to Play From Feardemic’s Fear Fest

Credit: Broken Bird Games

To wrap up a summer of incredible games, Feardemic’s Fear Fest shines a light on even more upcoming horror titles. The livestream showcased over 30 titles from hyperrealistic survival horror, love letters to retro games of the past, and quirky deckbuilding games.

We’ve collected some of our favorite Fear Fest demos to share and highlight below.


Credit: Rocket Adrift

The year is 2489. Acid rain beats down on what was once known as Toronto. In the midst of a housing crisis, the safe haven known as The Commons has begun to turn on those who dwell inside. With no memory of how you got there and equipped with a deck of memory cards containing the memories of residents past and present, you set out to uncover the secrets of the house. By seeing through the perspectives of others, exorcise the poltergeists, free your ally, and save the injured residents.

Check out Psychroma on Steam.


The Drifter

Credit: Powerhoof

Imagine: you’ve just returned to your hometown when you witness a horrible, violent murder before you yourself are killed. However, you come back to life and get framed for the murder you saw. Powerhoof’s The Drifter is a pulp adventure thriller that follows Mick as he tries to untangle the shadowy web of corporations and murder. Except, he can’t quite shake the feeling that something has followed him back from the other side.

Check out The Drifter on Steam.


Heretic’s Fork

Credit: 9Finger Games/Ravenage Games

Hell is packed and it’s your job to get it under control. As Hell’s Manager, the overpopulation crisis is getting out of hand. In Heretic’s Fork, as the Manager your task is to streamline operations to become more efficient. A.K.A. punishing sinners using the HERETIC’S FORK computer system. Along with a demon subordinate, strategize and strengthen your card deck to protect to Hell-Earth rift, and work with other Hellish departments in this deckbuilding bullet hell.

Check out Heretic’s Fork on Steam.


Tenebris Somnia

Credit: Andres Borghi, Tobias Rusjan/Saibot Studios

Horror movie fans and horror games fan unite: Saibot Studios’ Tenebris Somnia is the perfect combination. Tenebris Somnia combines 8-bit 2D survival horror aesthetics with live-action cutscenes to showcase their disturbing story. It’s Silent Hill or Resident Evil if it was ported into an N.E.S.

Check out Tenebris Somnia on Steam.



Credit: Headware Games

Your worst fears have come to fruition. What was once a simple job now means the difference between survival and death. Take on the role of Mica, an unlicensed Shipper who has crash-landed in the middle of the twenty-mile-wide exclusion zone. Explore the deadly wasteland and find a way to escape beyond the walls in this love letter to the retro fixed-angle horror games of the past.

Check out Hollowbody on Steam.


The Fabulous Fear Machine

Credit: Fictiorama Studios / AMC Games

Power, wealth, glory – it’s all at your fingertips as the new Master of the Machine. In this pulp horror-style strategy game, create fear and dispatch your Legends to expand your influence. Send your cryptids, urban legends, and conspiracy creatures to create a special concoction of fear for each city you take over. However, Rivals set out to undo your terrifying work and turn your once scary creatures and tales into inspirational stories and cliches.

Check out The Fabulous Fear Machine on Steam.



Credit: Serafini Productions

Social media’s impact is scary and Unfollow is here to prove it. Players take on the role of Anne, a victim of bullying, who becomes trapped in a nightmarish world with monsters lurking around every corner. As you explore the world and uncover Anne’s past and the painful choices shes mande, there is one ally – Akidearest. The online personality’s videos previously had helped Anne through her toughest days. However, something isn’t quite right about Akidearest.

Check out Unfollow on Steam.


Gori: Cuddly Carnage

Credit: Angry Demon Studio / Wired Productions

Who hasn’t wanted to play as a murder-hungry kitty ready to slice up some cuddly (horrifying) toys? Gori: Cuddly Carnage is a skate’n’slash following Gori, F.R.A.N.K. (your hoverboard), and CH1-P (your modular AI) as they – unwillingly – get dragged into battle against The Adorable Army. The horde of blood-thirsty toys wipe out everything on Earth that they deemed not cute or cuddly enough. Carve up the army to stop the carnage and you might just make it out alive.

Check out Gori: Cuddly Carnage on Steam.


Slay the Princess

Credit: Black Tabby Games

Slay the Princess – and whatever you do, don’t believe her lies or promises. If you fail to kill her, the world will end. It’s a simple enough mission, however, something isn’t quite right. Against the eerie hand-penciled art, the antagonizing barks from The Voice, and the strange behaviour of the Princess will leave you questioning your mission. So will you slay the princess? Or will you walk away?

Check out Slay The Princess on Steam.



Credit: Broken Bird Games

You’ve just lost a loved one, isolated and scared, you’re afraid to leave your home. However, you aren’t the only one there. The once-safe home becomes a nightmarish horror cloaked in darkness. Are the things you see truly there or a figment of your worst fears come to life?

Check out Luto on Steam.