‘No More Room In Hell 2’ Unveils Gameplay At Summer Game Fest 2024

Summer Game Fest 2024 brought a wave of excitement with its assortment of new titles and preview of gameplays. Kicking off strong, with a highly anticipated sequel to the 2011 award winning source mod. Was the reveal of Torn Banner Studios, No More Room in Hell 2.

The new trailer highlighted the intense struggle for survival as players scavenge for supplies and fend off relentless zombie hordes. Similarly, if a player dies, they must start over with a fresh character and minimal resources. The game expands on the original’s concept by situating players in isolated parts of a massive city map. Where they must find each other and work together to survive. Not to mention, the game is made even more challenging with its inclusion of the permadeath feature.

Credit: Torn Banner Studios

The announcement of No More Room in Hell 2 is a testament to the game’s enduring popularity and the developers’ dedication to evolving the franchise. As fans of the genre eagerly await further updates, this reveal has undoubtedly set high expectations for what’s to come.

No More Room in Hell 2 is set to enter early access in October 2024, just in time for Halloween!

You can currently Wishlist the game on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Check out their gameplay release trailer down below:

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