Blumhouse Games Reveals Six Horror Games at Summer Games Fest

Credit: Vermila Studios | Blumhouse Games

Last year, Blumhouse announced they would be branching into the interactive narrative field with their game publishing arm, Blumhouse Games. During the Summer Games Fest, Blumhouse surprised fans by teasing six new horror games during their segment. “Our upcoming titles represent standout storytelling, inventive play styles, and fresh approaches to scary stories, created by game developers who are deeply passionate about horror. We hope players see our collective love of the genre and indie creativity shine through our partners and our portfolio of games,” said President Zach Wood. From creepy Stardew Valley to surrealist simulation games, here’s a sneak peek into Blumhouse Games’ upcoming titles.

Blumhouse Games’ Slate

Blumhouse Games debut title, Fear the Spotlight, is an atmospheric horror game that all PS1 retro gamers will love. Cozy Game Pals’ homage to classic 90s horror media follows Vivian and Amy as they sneak into school after hours. However, their goal is to solve a disturbing mystery that had occurred decades before. If that wasn’t enough, they must also hide from the deadly spotlight.

Crisol: Theater of Idols from Vermila Studios is a first-person adventure that asks the question: how much blood would you sacrifice to live? Set on a dark and twisted Spain in Tormentosa, players must navigate the nightmarish landscape to escape its profane inhabitants. However, navigating a world where sacred rituals, eerie legends, and folklore come to life will take some blood, sweat, and tears to survive. To regain your blood, you must kill one of the inhabitants. After absorbing their blood, their memories sink into your brain. These broken memories are the key to uncovering the terrifying secrets of Tormentosa.

Eyes Out’s surrealist psychedelic nightmare, Sleep Awake is set in the near future and follows a girl named Katja. While in the last known city on Earth, people begin to disappear in their sleep, leaving its citizens to undergo strange experiments to prevent sleep. To save herself and those she cares about, Katja must explore death cults, the horror of The HUSH, and otherworldly forces.

If you’ve ever played Stardew Valley and said “I wish this was creepier”this title is just for you. Perfect Garbage’s Grave Seasons is a farming sim that while it may seem like a cozy game, is the opposite. Why? Because one of the townsfolk is actually a supernatural serial killer. Between meeting your new Harvey and harvesting your crops, uncover the murderer of Ashenridge. Then, just maybe you can save one of your fellow townspeople.

What if the only evidence left at a crime scene was a video game? PlayMeStudio’s The Simulation has players fill in the shoes of a retired game designer hired to investigate a never-before-seen game. However, after finding a hidden secret mode, all senses of reality begins to bleed.

The last title shown in their montage is Project C from Half-Mermaid. While this project is still a little secretive, creators Sam Barlow (Immortality) and Brandon Cronenberg (Infinity Pool) promise to break mind’s with their twisted vision.