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‘Alan Wake’ Remaster Arrives Tomorrow

Alan Wake
Credit: Remedy Entertainment // Playstation

Cult classic ‘Alan Wake’ takes the remaster train to new consoles on October 5th. Giving the eleven year old game a shiny new coat of paint, while maintaining its signature form of survival horror. The titles remaster also marks the first time being released on Playstation consoles.

Remedy’s first foray into the psychological horror genre, the title follows a crime fiction author as he battles a long stretch of writers block. Alan Wake and his wife Alice make a trip to a small fictional town in Washington, however the planned retreat quickly takes a dark turn. Releasing on May 18th of 2010, the game was praised for its tense action and world building. Paying homage to classic horror films and television shows such as ‘Twin Peaks’.

Alan Wake
Credit: Remedy Entertainment // Playstation

Rumors of a possible sequel to the title have been swirling around for years. ‘Alan Wake’s American Nightmare’ released as a downloadable spin-off to the original title but was far from a full fledged sequel. With Wake’s inclusion in the ‘AWE’ downloadable content for the studio’s 2019 game ‘Control’, rumors began once again. With the original title receiving a remaster, reports started to arrive in early September of the sequel already being in full production. Working in tandem with Epic Games to produce the follow up to a game many had hoped would eventually get a sequel. For the time being the studio has not confirmed they are working on a sequel and have been quiet about their next title since the release of ‘Control’.

The studio’s newest title put you in control of Jesse Faden, who arrived at the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control. The secret government agency responsible for investigating “Altered World Events”, while collecting objects that seemed to be the cause of the events. Drawing deep inspiration from the collaborative writing wiki ‘SCP Foundation’, the title was met with critical acclaim. DLC for the title showcased that the events of ‘Alan Wake’ were studied by the Bureau of Control as an Altered World Event, tying the two titles together.

Remedy seems to be hinting at a possible sequel with Alan’s inclusion in their newest title as well as the remaster of the original game. For now you can dive into ‘Alan Wake: Remastered’ when it launches on October 5th of 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Window PC, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

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