Behaviour Interactive Announces New Roguelite ‘What The Fog’ During Dead by Daylight Anniversary Stream

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Eight years later and Behaviour Interactive is still surprising fans with new Killers, Survivors, and even new games, like their surprise roguelite, What the Fog. What The Fog‘s announcement kicked off the info-packed Dead by Daylight Year 8 Anniversary Broadcast. This previously unannounced roguelite kicks off the expansion of the Dead by Daylight universe including titles from Supermassive and Midwinter.

What the Fog is a 2 person co-op roguelite that asks the question: what if Jumanji was real? After being sucked into a cursed board game, you and a friend must battle non-stop against waves of monsters. Players can play as Dwight, Claudette, or Feng Min as you collect Bloodpoints, repair Generators, and unlock Exit Doors in randomly generated levels. While surviving is the name of the game, players can learn new abilities and activate runes to upgrade your characters. These upgrades can make all the difference when playing through the eight different difficulty settings.

During the stream, Behaviour Interactive also gave fans a few surprising and shocking updates. Later this summer, Dead by Daylight will launch a 2 v 8 mode where a team of 8 Survivors will face off against two Killers. While there will be similarities to the original game mode, a few changes will be made. This includes the removal of Hooks. While the Hooks will be gone, Cages will now take its place. These cages will be similar to Pyramid Head’s atonement ability and still require three hooks/cages to get a sacrifice.

What the Fog will launch later today for PC via Steam. Behaviour Interactive is also giving away free copies for users who create a Behaviour Account.