Cult-Classic Survival Horror ‘Alisa’ Available Now On Consoles

Credit: Top Hat Studios

Alisa, the cult-classic low-poly survival horror game, will get its long-awaited console release today. The retro PS1-style survival horror game originally released nearly a decade ago for PC.

Alisa follows the Elite Royal Agent Alisa as she sets off to catch a notorious thief. But just as she is inches away from catching the thief, she suddenly finds herself trapped in a mansion. But she isn’t alone – walking the halls of her new prison are bloodthirsty mechanized doll-like inhabitants. Players must solve puzzles, fight back against nightmarish doll creatures, and hopefully escape with their humanity intact.

Top Hat Studios’ porting team and original developer Casper Croes have added fixes and quality-of-life improvements for the release. The console release features the Developer’s Cut which includes all available PC content. This includes a variety of cosmetics, new endings, new items, and new enemies. Plus, new additions for accessibility and control mappings will also be available.

At launch, Nintendo Switch and Xbox users can receive a 15% discount on the title. PlayStation users with PS+ subscriptions can also receive the 15% discount. A free demo will also be available across all platforms.

Alisa is now available on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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