Prepare for Armageddon in ‘Days of Doom’ – Available Now

Credit: SneakyBox / Atari

The end is here – face off against zombies, raiders, zombie raiders, and mutant lizards in Atari’s Days of Doom. Days of Doom is a tactical RPG roguelite turn-based game where a small cast of survivors set out to reach the safe bounds of Sanctuary.

In this latest addition to the post-apocalyptic landscape, no two runs are ever the same as you form your ragtag group of uniquely skilled heroes. Journey through the wasteland and through hordes of the undead, manage your resources and outsmart your enemies.

Credit: SneakyBox / Atari

Utilizing one of eight character classes and over 70 items and runes might just help you survive another day. Set your enemies ablaze with Pyro to leave lingering damage. Or strategize your attacks to drench and electrocute enemies with Hydromancer and Thrasher. When going against a dozen enemies including explosive monstrosities, unleash and control the chaos to beat the odds.

Prepare for endless challenges and hone your survival instincts in the procedurally generated landscape. Accompanied by an original orchestral soundtrack by Jelle Dittmar, get your squad ready to face off against the mutated swarms.

Days of Doom is now available on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Atari VCS.


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