Dead by Daylight’s ‘Tools of Torment’ Chapter Out Now

Literally cutting edge technology

Credit: Behaviour Interactive, Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight’s  ‘Tools of Torment’ chapter is now available featuring a new Killer and two new Survivors. As part of the update, the Shelter Woods map has been updated to include The Skull Merchant’s Hunting Camp. In addition to the new characters, three exclusive cosmetics will also be available: The Skull Merchant’s Slipshod Prototype, Thatlita’s Golden Ambition, and Renato’s Golden Touch.

Here’s everything to know about the new characters for the Tools of Torment chapter.

The Skull Merchant

Adriana Imai strives to be the ultimate apex predator. Inspired by her father’s nightmare-based dark manga, The Skull Merchant mercilessly hunts those she deemed worthy of her efforts. Using drones made from the bones of her prey and two long blades, The Skull Merchant will stop at nothing to complete her hunt.

The Merchant’s Powers

Eyes in the Sky: The Skull Merchant can place multiple Drones on the map. After the Drone is placed, it enters Active Mode and casts a Detection Zone. If the Skull Merchant enters the Detection Zone, you will be in an Undetectable state.

If a Survivor enters the zone, the Drone will begin to Lock-On to them. Then, if the Drone reaches full Lock-On, will cause the Survivor to become Exposed and reveal their location to the Killer.

However, if the Survivor is not Locked-On, the Drone will enter Scouting Mode. In this mode, it will rotate to get the Survivor in its line of sight.

Special Ability: Claw Trap: A Survivor may attempt to disable a placed Drone by Hacking it. If a Survivor is successful, a Claw Trap will latch onto them. This trap can reveal their location to The Skull Merchant’s Radar device. If a Survivor fails to Hack it, the Drone enters Active Mode and will leave the Survivor Exposed.


Game Afoot: If you hit the most-chased Survivor, they will enter the Obsession state. If the Survivor is continuously chased while in Obsession, kicking generators and breaking walls or pallets gives the Killer a temporary speed boost.

THWACK!: After hooking a Survivor, the next breakable wall or pallet you interact with will force nearby Survivors to scream, briefly revealing their Aura.

Leverage: Killers gain a token each time a Survivor is hooked, up to 10. Tokens will reduce the Survivor’s healing speed for a moderate duration.


Survivor Siblings Fight to Survive

Credit: Behaviour Interactive, Dead by Daylight

Thalita Lyra

One of two witnesses to The Skull Merchant’s hunt, Thalita uses her creativity and charm to survive.

Cut Loose: When performing a fast vault in a chase, the Survivor will temporarily be able to perform a silent fast vault. If done, the duration timer will reset.

Friendly Competition: After completing a generator with another Survivor, both players receive a temporary generator repair speed boost.

Teamwork: Power of Two: After finishing healing a Survivor, both players receive a temporary movement speed boost if remaining together. The boost will end upon separation or loss of a health state.

Renato Lyra

The second witness. The introverted Renato uses his analytical mind to provide valuable survival tools.

Background Player: If a Killer picks up a Survivor, this perk activates. The next time a player starts to run, the player will break into a sprint and gain a burst of speed. However, this perk will cause an Exhaustion status effect and cannot be used in that state.

Blood Rush: This perk activates when the player is one hook from death. If Healthy, players can use the Active Ability button to lose a Health State but recover from the Exhaustion status effect. But this will put the Survivor into a Broken Status, but if the player survives the process, will return to full health.

Teamwork: Collective Stealth: After a Survivor finishes healing the player, neither player will leave Scratch Marks if in close proximity. This perk ends upon separation or loss of a Health State.


Check out the trailer for the Tools of Torment DLC below:

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