Action Horror RPG ‘Deathbound’ Gets First Trailer

Credit: Trialforge Studio

The trailer for a new action-filled RPG, Deathbound, from Tate Multimedia and Trial Forge Studios dropped. The trailer for Deathbound offers a teaser of the monsters you will fight, as well as the lore and mechanics of the game. Deathbound will feature unique monsters and a gameplay mechanic called “The Essence,” where you can absorb the energy and skill of fallen warriors that had died before them, giving them an edge against the creatures they battle. You can even change characters mid-battle, which provides you with the skill you need to fight.

Credit: Trialforge Studio

Players must survive in an apocalyptic land rebuilt in the image of the Crusades. In a time where unnatural science and fanatic faith clash, you stand alone. As the product of experimentation for Eternal Life, the Church sees you as sin personified, while others see you as a validation. Battle unique enemies and work your way into defeating the “Cult of Life,” the overlords of the unforgiving world, Ziêminal. To survive, players should utilize switching through different fallen warriors you absorbed through The Essence and combine their powers for devastating Morphstrikes.

Tate Multimedia and Trial Forge Studio are set to release Deathbound in 2024. Players can wishlist the title on Steam.


You can watch the trailer for Deathbound below.

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