‘Deceit 2’ is Getting Fans Excited With Release Date Announcement

So You Might Become the Monster Once More

An Imposter is Present
Credit: World Makers

Deceit 2 is an announcement many social deception fans are rejoicing at. Many childhood role-based party games that have you close your eyes, act as inspiration for this beloved genre. Plenty of earlier games have brought this into the virtual world, from Town of Salem to the ever-so-popular Among Us. The social deduction genre has seen a huge rise in recent years, with Deceit being one of its early riders in 2017. The Gamemaster is the puppeteer for this game, two infected prisoners under his control are hiding among the 6 players. Only four among you are truly the hostages. Your goal as innocent is to stay alive and keep the power going so you have time to escape.

A Hype Reawoken

Even to this day, the game has maintained a small but strong fanbase that’s maintained over time. Many fans got immense and longstanding enjoyment, especially from private lobbies with friends. Although it got regular new content, however, the base gameplay loop did get stale for many, especially with a slowly shrinking player base in public lobbies. New content was largely cosmetic-based, so the game did feel static with time. So, fans are ecstatic to hear about its coming sequel Deceit 2. Rebuilt with the latest graphics and lighting offered by Unreal 5. The improved visual polish is only a fragment coming to audiences, though. This follow-up title brings with it a redesign of its beloved and classic system to hopefully bring that fresh step into your deductions.

Deceit 2
Credit: World Makers

Something that originally made Deceit stand out among the crowd titles in the genre was its potent atmosphere and setting. While social deception games themselves may have become popular, there were much fewer that really honed in on their horror aspect. Deceit truly made the effort to place players in its world with unimaginable terrors hidden among them. We only hope to see its sister game follow up its legacy with a great ol’ leap into the pool. The only question left is, will you be a human or a terror in your first round?


Consumers can expect to see this title on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series/One, and on PC through the Steam store.