DreadXP Announces Retro Survival Game ‘Heartworm’ Set for 2025

Credit: Vincent Adinolfi

DreadXP (The Mortuary Assistant, My Friendly Neighborhood) announced today they will be publishing Vincent Adinolfi’s Heartworm. Heartworm is a retro psychological survival game inspired by 90’s classics like Silent Hill. The nostalgic-wrapped nightmare tackles the battle of grief and the afterlife against early console-era designs.

Credit: Vincent Adinolfi

Heartworm follows Sam, a woman obsessed with the deaths of those closest to her. The obsession has led Sam to scour the internet in search of answers. During her spiraling, she finds a message board detailing a house that allegedly has connections to the afterlife. However, every person who has visited the house has never returned.

Is this just internet folklore and conspiracy theories? But most importantly, is there truth in the claims? Consumed by her grief, Sam goes to the house in hopes of alleviating her pain – no matter the consequences.

Credit: Vincent Adinolfi

The emotionally charged Heartworm roots itself in the memories we keep – whether we cherish them or wish we could forget them. Retro enthusiasts can bask in the nostalgic fixed camera angles, low-res 3D graphics, and pre-rendered classically-styled cutscenes. Set on a background of a haunting soundtrack, players can download a free demo today on Steam.

Heartworm is set to release for PC in 2025.

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