Early Access Revealed in New ‘Hyper Light Breaker’ Trailer

Credit: Heart Machine

Heart Machine and Gearbox Publishing have released new gameplay footage and a release date for Hyper Light Breaker. The 3D rogue-lite game will release their Early Access in Fall 2023.

Hyper Light Breaker brings players to the land of Overgrowth. An aptly named forgotten land in disarray in the world of Hyper Light. Players, or Breakers, can go solo or bring friends to explore and fight against brutal enemies, the Crowns, and overthrow the Abyss King.

Credit: Heart Machine

Breaker is set decades before Heart Machine’s previous installment: Hyper Light Drifter. Although it is set in the same universe, Breaker will not be a sequel or prequel to Drifter. As a Breaker, you are tasked with helping to establish a settlement in a new frontier. Through the flourishing settlement, players can meet an array of unique characters and permanent upgrades to help the denizens. However, as you navigate the procedurally-generated worlds to unlock weapons and items for your adventure, a darkness begins to show in the lands.

Credit: Heart Machine

Heart Machine’s shift from the initial level-based roguelike with around five different procedurally generated areas. However, over the last year, the game design went on to adopt a “Pangea shift.” Now, instead of the area being separated, the different biomes are connected together in one seamless open world. But players shouldn’t get too comfy with the world they drop into. After every death, their world will shift and change into something new.


Check out the trailer for Hyper Light Breaker below:

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