Every ‘The Mortuary Assistant’ Ending Explained

Credit: DreadXP
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DarkStone Digital and DreadXP have released their newest game The Mortuary Assistant.

After completing your degree in mortuary sciences, you begin an apprenticeship at River Fields Mortuary. However, after being called in to process some bodies you discover something terrifying: a demon has bound itself to you. With the help of your mentor, you must identify the demon and dispel it before it possesses you.

The Mortuary Assistant is not for the faint of heart and players should heed the developers disturbing content warning.

Before continuing with this guide, we want to warn you: spoilers are ahead. We recommend playing the game through for the experience, then referring to our guide after.


Correct Body Ending (1 of 5)

Listed as one of the “good” endings, this ending is pretty straightforward to achieve compared to the other endings. Players must collect and use only the correct sigils and burn the correct body.

During the end scene, Raymond will offer you a job to continue with River Fields Mortuary. Raymond will also offer the player some pretty good advice: never live in fear. After all, isn’t it every girl’s dream to banish demons?


Credit: DreadXP


Normal Ending (2 of 5)

To achieve this ending, players will need to follow the same steps as the ‘Correct Body Ending.’ However, this specific ending can only happen once the player follows these steps during a second shift.

The end scene resembles the previous ending with an exception: Raymond will have an extended monologue.


Incorrect Body Ending (3 of 5)

There’s an extremely high chance that this will be the first ending you get – and it’s fun to get.

In order to get this ending, you can do a few things to sabotage yourself after successfully completing two bodies.

  • Burn the wrong body
  • Place the wrong sigils on the mark
  • Don’t add reagent

During the ending cutscene, it should start out similarly to the other endings but with a MAJOR difference: Raymond will realize something is wrong. His fears are confirmed: you have been possessed by the demon. The player will brutally kill Raymond and throw him across the room like a ragdoll.


Basement Ending (4 of 5)

This ending can be quite tricky if you aren’t careful. Players will need to gain access to the basement to complete this ending. In order to do so, look out for these steps:

  • In the embalming room, grab the key from the bottom drawer
  • After Raymond calls you, go downstairs
  • When you begin the hallucination sequence, check the foreheads of the corpses to get an access code
  • Use the code to obtain the basement key and enter it

Once the prior steps are completed, use the correct sigils and burn the correct body.

During the cutscene, you’ll learn how morally dubious Raymond is.


Rebecca’s Ending (5 of 5)

As part of the “good” endings, players will need to collect the sobriety coins from Rebecca’s apartment and from the cabinet with the ID cards. Later in the game, you will encounter Rebecca’s hanging body, and place the coins in her hands. Continue gameplay as usual and use the correct sigils and burn the correct body.

The ending scene is bittersweet including Rebecca’s dead father.


Game Over Ending (6 of 5)

Technically not one of the Big 5 endings, but still an ending. The “Game Over Ending” is the only ending that actually kills the player, making you return to the main menu. To achieve this ending, you will need to burn a body too early, take too long to burn a body or become fully possessed by the demon.


The Mortuary Assistant is now available for PC on Steam.