Experience Dark Fantasy RPG ‘The Thaumaturge’ – Out Now

Get your Grimoire ready

Credit: Fool's Theory / 11 bit Studios

Moral ambiguity and magical monsters abound in the isometric story-driven RPG: The Thaumaturge. After a brief delay, the developers at Fool’s Theory have delivered on their promise. The Thaumaturge takes players to Warsaw in 1905, a diverse city rife with conflict. A perfect setting for a story that intends to delve fully into a player’s choice. Investigate the crossing stories of several interesting characters, and explore a dynamic turn-based combat system.

Credit: Fool’s Theory / 11 bit Studios

Warsaw is home to more than just the historical figures players will meet and interact with. The world of The Thaumaturge is home to demon-like beings called “Salutors.” Likewise, a “Thaumaturge” is a magician with the ability to tame these Salutors, and use “perception” to navigate the lives and choices of others.

Step into the well-worn boots of Wiktor Szulski, the titular Thaumaturge, as he returns to Warsaw to sort out a family crisis and resolve the skeletons in his closet. Influence Wiktor’s choices to shape his story and tame the Salutors to aid in conversation and combat.

The Thaumaturge is out now on PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG. Publisher 11 bit Studios plans to bring the game to consoles early this year.


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