Dark RPG ‘The Thaumaturge’ Gets Delayed Until 2024

Credit: Fool's Theory / 11 bit Studios

11 bit Studios and Fool’s Theory narrative-driven dark fantasy RPG, The Thaumaturge, has just received a release day delay. The Thaumaturge initially was set to launch in December, but in a recent Steam page update, the developers announced that the title will now launch on February 20, 2024.

Credit: Fool’s Theory / 11 bit Studios

Under the blanket of imperial Russian tsardom, the city of Warsaw remains a buzzing community. However, the citizens aren’t the only inhabitants. Ethereal entities called the Salutors haunt the city, preying on the weaknesses of the citizens. Players follow Wiktor Szulski, a thaumaturge who returns to Warsaw to settle family concerns. But Warsaw isn’t the same anymore, crime and societal conflicts now plague the city. As a thaumaturge, Wiktor can tame the Salutors and utilize their mystical abilities in combat. While some may see these as a curse, they can also be a gift to bring an enemy to their knees.

Credit: Fool’s Theory / 11 bit Studios

In their posting, the team mutually agreed that a little more time in development was needed in order to “achieve the standards that players have come to expect from us.” With this delay, the team will be able to give an additional polish in order to have a successful launch.

The Thaumaturge will release February 20, 2024 for PC. A console release for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S is set to launch at a later date.

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