Five Nights at Freddy’s DLC ‘Ruin’ Gets Release Date

Free Expansion Dims Horrific Horizons

Credit: Steel Wool Studios

Rejoice in the horrors that be Freddy fans, because of a new free DLC for Security Breach is coming soon. The Ruin content expansion is being released to the masses on July 25th, 2023 at 12 am PST.

The Ruin DLC will follow a small girl, Cassie, as she searches for her friend, Gregory. This DLC takes a step toward the initial appeal of the franchise. Recentering the horror that brought so much love to their first game. As the Five Nights At Freddy’s franchise has been fleshed out, more attention has been paid to its overarching plot and setting. This has caused a slight departure from the original atmospheric conception.

Five Nights at Freddy's Ruin Expansion

What To Expect

This DLC also shakes up the base original gameplay pacing in Security Breach. To accompany its new haunting ambiance with a slower pace so as to raise suspense. Executive Producer, Roy McCaffrey stated in a blog post, that the DLC will be “far more dark, dreadful, and ominous than the base game.” FNAF became popular partially due to its casual level design and stationary style gameplay loop. The accessible nature of the game garnered a broad amount of attention. The slow style of the title made it easy to play for new players or veterans on the go alike! So, if you weren’t the biggest fan of the fast “hide and seek gameplay,” this may be much more your speed!

Despite its further returns to its roots, the new Ruin DLC doesn’t take its foot off the pedal in terms of its story elements either. With a plot to mirror the other end of its original protagonist, this new DLC offers a wider perspective on in-world events in numerous ways.

Ruin will release on PlayStation 4/5 and PC on July 25. Xbox and Switch will also receive the update but at a later time as to “focus on a few specific platforms to give ourselves the time and space to work on what matters most – the game itself.”


Check out the trailer for Ruin below:

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