‘Fort Solis’ is Entering Into Orbit and Available for Preorder

Credit: Fallen Leaf / Black Drakkar Games

Developers Fallen Leaf and Black Drakkar Games are excited about their upcoming release Fort Solis. This walking simulator regrounds our star-sick travelers on the red sands of Mars. Fort Solis plays as more of a virtual storytelling experience – think like a serialized television show.

The quiet abyss of space is a lot more deafening when the isolation is out of place. Set on Mars, this space exploration isn’t about traversing the cosmos, instead, it’s something a little closer to home. As Engineer Jack Leary, the protagonist and player character, responds to a distress signal from a nearby mining facility he finds it silent as a void. This station is named Fort Solis for those who are a fan of titles appearing within the fictional world. As Jack winds up trapped within this outpost free of life, he will unravel the mystery of the crew’s disappearance and survive the night until the storm has passed. You do have one other task to focus on, though, since the reason you are here in the first place is that you have a job to do.

Fort Solis
Credit: Fallen Leaf / Black Drakkar Games

Game’s Upcoming Release

The initial release of Fort Solis is just over a week from now, set for August 22nd, 2023. Don’t get too hasty though, because Meridiem Games announced a publishing deal with the developers and publishers of the title. A limited edition physical copy of the game is also coming to PlayStation 5 players on October 6th, 2023.  Meridiem Games will be designing, manufacturing, and then finally distributing them to specialist stores throughout Europe. This copy includes a 3D cover and metallic effect postcard, so any patient fans may want to hold off! Although if you already have the funds put aside this edition is already available for preorder!

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