Gamescom 2022: ‘Edge of Sanity’ Announcement Trailer

Credit: Vixa Games

Most games that have been shown at Gamescom have been fully rendered 3D games. These games usually come complete with entire CGI cutscenes to sell you on the game. However, a game was announced today from Vixa Games that is a 2D title, Edge of Sanity.

Set in the unforgiving lands of Alaska, ‘Edge of Sanity’ is a Lovecraftian survival horror game with unique 2D art, a disturbing story, and complex base management. Gather resources, carefully plan your expeditions and explore the world of madness as you struggle to keep your humanity.

The ‘Edge of Sanity’ is a survival horror adventure with unique 2D art and an intense atmosphere, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and set in the unforgiving wilderness of Alaska during the Cold War. Each day, you need to provide food and supplies to survive another night in your camp.”

During story-rich expeditions, you will encounter local cultists and monsters hiding in dark corners around a remote mountain valley. Use anything you find to stand a chance against powerful enemies, uncover secrets of the mysterious Thurul Stone, and unveil a tragic story of missing scientists.

Find a trace of local cults, face horrific monsters, and explore the unexplainable. Welcome to Alaska during the Cold War, full of people losing their sanity and beasts inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, a place where each dramatic event leaves a permanent mark on your brain.

Here is the announcement trailer for ‘Edge of Sanity’

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