Face New Nightmares in The Chant’s The Gloom Below DLC – Available Now

Credit: Brass Token / Prime Matter

The Chant is releasing new mind-melting content to enjoy! With the recent release of their free DLC, The Gloom Below, the game enters a renaissance age of unimaginable horrors. Escaping the island will no longer deliver salvation from your pain. So, it’s time to begin the age of exploration! Alongside their new DLC release comes a new update with several significant changes to the experience system.

Credit: Brass Token / Prime Matter

Base Update

Even for players who don’t want to continue the journey after they find freedom, there have still been several quality-of-life improvements for all to enjoy! In this instance, however, quality-of-death may be a more fitting description depending on how you think about it, after all, it’s all in the mind. The developers made some big shifts to the experience system alongside general balancing changes, now having each gloom categorized as mind, body, or spirit. It’s not just the glooms either, as weapons and abilities are now more effective when used against enemies of its matching type. On death, the gloom will drop the corresponding experience type. Each enemy will have a health bar whose color signifies which classification it falls under as a discernible aid for players.

The visuals are crystal clear with an improved coloring of the gloom, and the AI is more observant too. The enemy AI has received a boost to both its response times and range. Combat is more engaging too, as there have also been improvements to the game’s auto-lock system and collisions within combat.

DLC Additions

So, what waits for the player beyond the predetermined bounds of this horror house? Escape won’t swiftly deliver you back to safety. Now, you must deal with these psychological horrors merging with the physical realm beyond. The player must now seek out the heart of The Gloom if they hope to put an end to this reign of terror. This DLC offers not only new lore to flesh out the story, but several new weapons, abilities, and adversaries.

This update and DLC have now both been made available to the general public on September 12th. If you want to play The Gloom Below’s DLC additions, you can install it separately from the base game. While the DLC is free to anyone who owns the game, Brass Token has also permanently reduced the price of the base game to try and entice new victims.

The Chant is available to play on Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, and PC on Steam


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