E3 2021: First Look at Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer

343 Industries has finally returned with new information on the latest installment in the ‘Halo’ franchise. The sixteenth game in the series, ‘Halo Infinite’ made an appearance at the Xbox, Bethesda showcase on Sunday. Master Chief makes his return for the first time on the new generation of consoles. Taking players to a Halo ring that has suffered mysterious damage and it’s up to Master Chief to figure out exactly what has happened.

The studio has promised to deliver a multiplayer experience that honors the classic gameplay seen in earlier games. The new title gained mixed reactions when it was shown off last year. With many criticizing the overall graphics of the new entry, leaving an underwhelming reception. 343 took notice of these complaints and delayed the title, pushing it past its original 2020 launch window. First footage shown at Microsoft’s event sees Master Chief navigating through zero gravity wreckage using a grappling hook. Shown off later was a look at the multiplayer where the same grappling hook made an appearance. Adding a new way to traverse the maps as well as a new element to change up the typical ‘Halo’ gameplay.

Set to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The entire multiplayer side of ‘Infinite’ will be free to play for everyone when the game launches this holiday. Stick with us here on Downright Creepy as we continue to cover E3.

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